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  • Ultimate Personal Defence has been teaching self defence and wellbeing programs to schools and businesses for the last eight years.

    We specialise in the flinch response and all of our instructors are accredited with Tony Blauer's PDR/S.P.E.A.R system.

    A revolutionary system that helps stop/reduce the impact of the ambush attack.

    We tailor our programs to suit your needs. Self. defence for all ages, Women's self defence, home invasions, bullying, domestic violence, school curriculum and wellbeing programs. We are able to come to you or alternatively, we have a well equipped facility in Heathmont, Victoria.

  • Testimonials

  • ‘We have employed Ultimate Personal Defence for a number of years to run a four week Self Defence Unit for our Year 10 Physical Education boys classes.  

     We have been extremely happy with the service that they have provided us.  Teresa is very helpful and organised when it comes to making bookings and is very flexible when I have had to make last minute changes to the program.

     Our instructor Stuart was very professional and demonstrated a broad range of knowledge relating to all things self-defence.  The content of the lessons were age appropriate, engaging and challenging, ensuring that all students completed the Unit with a good grasp of self-defence techniques and the appropriate use of them. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Stuart, responding positively to all activities undertaken and demonstrating an eagerness to learn more. I am confident that  they benefited both physically and mentally from their time spent learning self-defence techniques.’

     Trine Ord

    Head of Physical Education

    Tintern Grammar

  • “The Ultimate Personal Defence team were outstanding of their delivery to our Year 9 students. They allowed the students to feel comfortable, yet challenged within the self-defence environment and equipped them with many skills which they may apply to the real world. The students walked away from the experience feeling more confident in the tools they could use if confronted with difficult situations. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

    Sarah Hogan

    Physical Education, Health and Science Teacher

    Yarra Valley Grammar

  • "We have used Ultimate Personal Defence for 2 years. The aim of our program is to equip students with some basic self defence knowledge and skills. UPD has helped us achieve this goal through qualified and enthusiastic instructors. Their lessons are engaging and contain an appropriate mix of self defence theory and practical instruction. The content that they deliver is well organised and sequential and the instructors are excellent communicators. Our students have responded positively to the self defence unit and we will continue to use UPD."

    Sam Millar

    Learning Leader - Health and Human Movement

    Billanook College

  • In November last year over 200 of our Year 8 students participated in a self-defense course at Ultimate Martial Arts. With a focus on peaceful conflict resolution, the program offered students practical advice about how best to handle bullies and avoid dangerous circumstances. It also provided them with some physical skills that they could employ to defend themselves if confronted by an attacker. The program was immensely successful in empowering the students. Many of them remarked that they now felt confidently able to identify and diffuse threatening situations. We look forward to working with UMA again this year with our current Year 8 students.  


    Wellbeings Program Coordinator
    Ringwood Secondary College

  • “An excellent course great instructors really motivating and inspiring and brining all the tools and techniques together has been really good and made me so much more aware I really recommended the course.”

    Sujatha Pillai, NAB



    “You guys are amazing!”

    “We had a great time”

    “We learnt a lot”

    “We are leaving here very positive”

    “Very motivational and strong”

    “We picked up a lot of security things as well including codes with words particularly with us ladies in the field we are in”

    Group Testimony

    Barry Plant Real Estate

  • “You have been a great coach for this, and I think the most important thing I have learnt is that I don’t need to be fearful of situations and I think the most I got out of it is that I feel more empowered in my everyday life now because I know I have the techniques and I just need to practice them, and I think it would be good to have a follow up course just so we can perfect those techniques”

    A.Lan, NAB


    “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the self defence course, just touching on the basics but still we are wishing to learn more about the advance thing, but it has given me such technique to help Defend, Defuse, and Detect problems, and as a coach we really enjoyed you and would love to see you again”

    M.Majeed, NAB